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Pear Energy is the simplest and most affordable way to buy clean energy for you and your family. Pear Energy is clean, homegrown renewable energy with no long-term commitments or substantial expenses.

Our customers know that when they flip a light switch, they are helping to build a cleaner, green economy in the United States. They enjoy our unique price promise and great customer service, and also seeing the real positive impact of their electricity purchases supporting the growth of wind and solar power throughout the country.

Invest in the Green Economy for the Price of One Coffee per week

Each month, your Pear statement will show you the price you are paying for buying 100% wind and solar-powered electricity versus what you would have paid for coal, gas, oil, or nuclear-powered electricity from your utility.

Here is the Pear deal: you pay only 2 cents more than your current rate per kilowatt hour for the first 1,000 hours of electricity per month and, still less, only 1.5 cents more after that. This means that, for ABOUT THE PRICE OF ONE COFFEE per week, you are helping to build the green economy in the U.S. each and every second that you are using electricity in your home.

Fair Price Promise: No Tricks Whatsoever

We know you are busy. That’s why we make switching to Pear Energy simple and transparent with our fair price promise. There are no switching costs, no interruptions to your electric service, and no long-term contracts to sign.

We also break down charges clearly, explain the positive impact of your energy use in simple terms, and, on every statement, feature different wind and solar projects that you are supporting with your commitment to Pear.

If for any reason you decide you want to switch back to buying dirty energy rather than solar or wind powered-electricity, we will switch you back for free.

Great Service

We are fanatics about serving our customers well. Let us prove it to you.

Call us during business hours and you will always reach a human being, not a taped message designed to shoo you away. Send us an e-mail and someone from our team will always get back to you within 1 business day. Or use our “We’ll Call You" feature and we'll call when it's convenient for you.

But why just hear it from us? Here are testimonials from our customers:

- Jason C. from North Carolina says that there's “no easier way to switch to clean, renewable energy.”

- Chris H. from New York loves that “Pear Energy is available even for apartment-dwellers like me!”

- Cori and Kris B. from California say that “Pear Energy is great. My kids love telling their friends that we use 100% wind energy!!”

Read more customer testimonials here.

Here’s the rest of the Pear story. When our customers complain, we listen, and we respond. If you have any problem, we will fix it.

Pear Shares 50%

Here's how committed we are at Pear. Because we know that investing now in the green economy is the only way to reverse global climate change, and because green investments will create millions of good jobs throughout the country, we give away 50% OF ALL OUR PROFITS - that's right, fully half to other groups that share our commitments. To date, some of these groups include:

- The Nation Magazine
- The Blue/Green Alliance
- Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy
- Campaign for America's Future
- Working Family's Party

We also want to hear from you, with suggestions on other groups you think Pear should be supporting.